Note for First-Year Graduate Student

While it is easy to become overwhelmed to meet these requirements, a fresh graduate student must not forget about the big idea of a PhD research program. Many new graduate students are fresh Bachelor or Masters degree holders who approach the PhD program as like undergraduate school, which is a big mistake. Often there can be a gap of suggestion and lake of help to make a clear conception of what a PhD program is.

Show Your Work

Show Your Work Sometimes we are practitioner of a field, professionals or artists do not feel easy to show our own work, the process of work, what we are learning, sharing our work with more general people. This book encourage and provide some guidelines for that, because time has been changed in this connected world. …

Python for Bioinformatics: An Online Course from Me!

I teach an on-line course ‘Python/Biopython for Bioinformatics’ in cBLAST. This is three month’s course, I use biological examples showing how we use Python to handle and analyze biological data. The video lectures are in Bangla, and video’s are both slides and screen-casts of coding. Center for Bioinformatics Learning Advancement and Systematic Training, or cBLAST, …

A note on learning computational biology

Many asks me about learning Bioinformatics. So, I’m going to put some good learning resources in this note.

Complete Beginner
If you are a complete beginner, don’t aim to ‘understand’ everything discussed in a course or lecture or book. It’s okay to be partially ignorant but still moving forward. Try to go through 60-70% content of following source within one-two months. The objective in this stage is to get some good understanding of core Bioinformatics concepts and terminology.