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Note for First-Year Graduate Student

While it is easy to become overwhelmed to meet these requirements, a fresh graduate student must not forget about the big idea of a PhD research program. Many new graduate students are fresh Bachelor or Masters degree holders who approach the PhD program as like undergraduate school, which is a big mistake. Often there can be a gap of suggestion and lake of help to make a clear conception of what a PhD program is.

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Statement of Purpose

[This is a writeup from 2016. Caution! If you are willing to apply in US for higher study and planning to write SOP soon, I’ll suggest not to read this write-up, because it may bias you. And do not use this format as your SOP. Your SOP is supposed to be unique. Better, write your own SOP, then show it some experienced for valued feedback.]



When I was a student of class 9 in secondary school, for the first time I participated national science fair with an electronics project “Determination of gravitational acceleration constant g using digital method” as a member of science club Anushandhitshu Chokro. It was awarded the 1st prize in district level and 8th in national level. From that moment my inspiration in science started to flourish, which is one of the motivating factors for why right now I want to enroll a Ph.D. program to get a rigorous training of scientific method. Read more