Argument against “DIY computational drug-discovery” trend in Bangladesh

I’m seeing a trend that bioscience students from Bangladesh (South Asia in general) are increasingly interested in publishing papers on computational drug design. Many bright students, undergrad or freshly graduated, are actually publishing drug designing related papers in good journals.

I have also done similar projects. But now, I think it is a bad trend.

While it is completely sound to do computational simulations for drug discovery, however, most of the published articles I’m seeing seem to motivated to get a “publication”, with a hope that these “publication” will help to get opportunities for higher studies abroad.

It is understandable that since our universities in Bangladesh do not provide enough good opportunities to have research experience under supervision of good mentor, many bright students are leaning to jump in such “do it yourself drug design and publish it” endeavors.

I have few arguments to make against this trend.

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