Python for Bioinformatics: An Online Course from Me!


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I teach an on-line course ‘Python/Biopython for Bioinformatics’ in cBLAST. This is three month’s course, I use biological examples showing how we use Python to handle and analyze biological data. The video lectures are in Bangla, and video’s are both slides and screen-casts of coding.

Center for Bioinformatics Learning Advancement and Systematic Training, or cBLAST, is part of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. One will get certificate after successfully completing this 3-month course for University of Dhaka.

Python, is an easy-to learn, high-level computer language that is used in many of the computational analysis in Bioinformatics.  This course will start developing initial skills of interactive programming and script writing in Python. Then we’ll cover Biopython, Matplotlib and NumPy. Finally, some algorithmic aspects of programming will be discussed in this course.

For first 6 week, we’ll work to develop understanding of Python syntax. Then we’ll work on more advanced parts. Course Plan:

    • Week 1
      • Why Programming?
      • Installing Python
      • Using IDLE
      • String
      • Exercise
    • Week 2
      • List
      • For Loop
      • Exercise
    • Week 3
      • If
      • Files
      • Exercise
    • Week 4
      • While loop
      • Tuples
      • Exercise
    • Week 5
      • Function
      • Exercise
    • Week 6
      • Dictionary
      • Exercise
    • Week 7
      • Anaconda
      • NumPy for numerical computing
    • Week 8
      • Matplotlib for plotting
      • Mini Project
    • Week 9
      • Biopython (1st Part)
    • Week 10
      • Biopython (2nd Part)
      • Exercises
  • Week 11
    • Rosalind Problems
  • Week 12
    • Regular Expression


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